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Thank you for finding your way to my idiosyncratic, unplanned, and spontaneous reading blog.

Each post will take you about 3 minutes to read - I promise. Maybe you'll be inspired to read something you discover here, or take a moment to enjoy the passages from what I'm reading. And please leave a comment if you have books to recommend or other ideas.

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Inside Giovanni's Room

Rarely in my reading life, a book makes itself brilliant in the last pages. James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room works that way. It dazzles in its last chapters not only because the characters come to thei

Historical Pynchon avoidance

The professor teaching the modern American novel that summer wore white polyester trousers so we could see his colored briefs. He went over the syllabus the first day and waxed academically profound a

Poetic Personal Experience (and social media)

Karen Craigo was the poetry editor at a couple of journals where my poems have appeared, and we communicate via Facebook but have never met in person. A benefit of Facebook, which I generally deplore


May 27, 2021

Miss Gorgeous... I write uncivilized: fulla conundrums, fulla endorphins; plus! gottagobbalotta timeless, saucy, rare-metal-moxie: rude, crude and so, so Miss Construed while sassy, savvy and quite sub/dude. Wannum? All of them? ♡ ♡ -GBY! ADDENdUMb (<- like bookends): fall in love with Seventh-Heaven where I visited; our blogOwamma shows you how with H A R D C O R E, S E M P E R/F I (Latin: always faithful) Z E A L O T R Y!!! you N i cannot stay here (after death). I know. Im a NDEr. Love you. Cya soon. be@peace.

May 27, 2021
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Apr 04, 2020

This is a wonderful gift, Lori, especially for these times. Thank you!


Berta Brack
Berta Brack
Mar 24, 2020

What a beautiful, open and welcoming website! I look forward to following. My old eyes are having trouble with the very light blue print that highlights your selected passage from the book you are reviewing, however. Maybe I can change something in my screen settings to make it easier to view. Cheers!


Mar 23, 2020

This looks fantastic Lori! Looking forward to learning more of your new and unusual words while trying to comply with distancesocialing. Many of your poems work to shift my mind to a fun place.

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